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Wordless Wednesday: Wild Echinacea

Wordless Wednesday: Wild Echinacea on Katie Crafts;

When I rented my first apartment in Philly over 7 years ago, I somehow convinced myself that living in a city would mean making certain concessions. My apartment would be smaller, rent would be higher, peace and quiet would be hard to come by and the lovely nature of the Garden State (from where I hail) would be replaced with concrete. I was right about many things, but of the last I was definitely mistaken.

While fields of wild flowers aren’t a thing in the midst of a city (unless you’re talking about a vacant lot overgrown with weeds, of course), I’m exposed to even more plant life than I was in the Jersey suburbs. I suppose it’s because Philly is trying to beautify itself, and places like PHS are doing a fine job at helping out. There are plots of flowers, shrubs and more all over the city, in just about every nook and cranny. There are tons of plants I wouldn’t have normally seen if they hadn’t been planted specifically for my viewing pleasure. I love walking down the street and seeing a random ally that seems ordinary from afar until you come closer and realize it’s like a tiny secret garden… and you all know how I feel about gardens.

The photo of this pretty pinkish purple Echinacea bush was taken by the Acme, right in front of the Philadelphia Older Adult Center. They have a little gated area with benches and a ton of beautiful plant life, including these pretty flowering herbs which seem to be a favorite of the bumble bees, considering how many we saw buzzing away.

It’s just another reason to adore this city I live in!

What little nuances about your town do you love?