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Throwback Thursday: First Sewing Project!

Throwback Thursday: My First Sewing Project! by Katie Crafts;

When I was young, my Grams (who only knows a few hand stitches and that’s it for her crafty side) taught me the sewing basics. Excited to make something for her using my new skills, I cut up some socks and clothes and hand stitched these two little RIDICULOUS things. One is a bunny, obviously. One is some kind of girl? Probably supposed to be me. I don’t know. I was 12.

Long story short, I just found them the other day in one of her boxes and was super excited for Thursday to come so I could share them! What better Throwback Thursday find than my first sewing project?! What was your first project? Do you still have it somewhere in your home?


P.S. Many thanks to Marsha at Jeanpatch by MK for the shout! Sending some love back your way! Check out Jeanpatch if you have a chance, readers!