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Wordless Wednesday: Best Friends

Wordless Wednesday: Best Friends on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Best Friends

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a four-in-one collage worth? This week, I must say “goodbye” see you soon to my best friend here in Philly, Tasha. She and her husband (and their adorable pup, Ollie) are moving a few hours away. I miss her already.

We were friendly for a couple years, and she was one of my favorite people to hang out with, but we became best friends right around the time I lost my mom. Setting bridal appointments and planning a wedding alone right after her death was really hard on me. Tasha offered to help and I took her up on it. We’d never even hung out alone, always with our husbands in tow, so I remember being a little nervous the first appointment she went with me to. Would I have anything to talk about with her? Would it be awkward? It wasn’t. She was still just as awesome, and I pretty much immediately asked her to be my bridesmaid.

After that we just became closer, sharing the silliest stories, lots of wedding planning, a trip to New Orleans, and entirely too much food. It’s how we plan our evenings out… around what we want to eat. She’s one of my favorite people to talk to, and I hope that her absence in the city just forces us to chat more. I already promised her care packages and ridiculous cards in the mail, and I will start prepping them soon!

I better stop now, or I’ll get too mushy for my own good! I’ll miss you, Tasha!!! <3 Sorry if you hate any of these photos- going through my albums, I realized I don’t have a whole lot of us together! We’ll have to fix that. 😉

Has someone you loved ever moved away? What did you do to stay in touch?