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5 Hairstyles For Spring 2016

5 Hairstyles For Spring on Katie Crafts;

It’s March! That means we are a mere two and a half weeks away from it being SPRING! I have lots of Spring posts lined up for the next month in celebration of warmer weather and sunny days ahead. First up is a post about how to wear your hair this season! I found 5 hairstyles for Spring 2016 that look effortless and lovely that just about anyone can pull off. Continue reading 5 Hairstyles For Spring 2016

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Beginner’s Guide to Dying Hair

Beginner's Guide to Dying Hair by Katie Crafts;

Beginner’s Guide to Dying Hair

I’ve been dying my hair one color or another for over a dozen years now. I’ve had light, medium and dark brown. I’ve had light red penny and dark cherry cola. I’ve had blonde, pink, red, purple, orange and blue highlights- many at the same time. For a few years, the top half of my head was brunette while all my hair underneath was fire engine red (I still miss this look!). Along the way, I picked up a few tricks and thought I’d share them with you! Continue reading Beginner’s Guide to Dying Hair

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5 Easy Back To School Hair Styles

5 Easy Back To School Hair Styles on Katie Crafts;

5 Easy Back To School Hair Styles

I may not be going back to school in a few weeks (nor have I in almost 10 years… which makes me feel old…) but maybe some of you students or teachers are! Perhaps a few easy-to-master mega cute hair styles are just what you need under your belt to make getting ready for that early morning class that much quicker. Lucky for you, I scoured Pinterest with you in mind (mostly) and found five really great really easy back to school styles for your locks! Continue reading 5 Easy Back To School Hair Styles

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No Sew Braided Headband

Project: No Sew Braided Headband

Let me preface this post by saying this is one of the easiest headbands you will ever make. The other easiest is in the Tips!

Soon (hopefully very soon!) I’ll be able to put away my adorable winter hat and sport some even cuter headbands in weather that doesn’t freeze my face off. In anticipation of such, I’m on a headband-making-spree. In addition to the reversible headbands that require time, patience and a sewing machine (post on those to come!), I’m making these really fun braided headbands in every color that require only a few minutes and no sewing at all! Continue reading No Sew Braided Headband

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5 Easy Updo Styles with Tutorials

Project: 5 Easy Updo Styles with Tutorials

I love finding new hair style tutorials and pin pretty much everything I come across, but some of them are things I’ll never get around to doing. These, however, are five great how-tos from various websites that are not only amazing, but fairly quick and easy! Since I’m stuck in jury duty this week, fast hair styles bright and early are the only way I’ll get there on time. Continue reading 5 Easy Updo Styles with Tutorials