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Crochet Octopus Toy Pattern for Kitty!

Crochet Octopus Toy Pattern for Kitty! on Katie Crafts;

Project: Crochet Octopus Toy Pattern for Kitty

I love making these for my kitties (and friend’s kitties, and all kitties!) I stuff a little catnip inside and the furbabies love them. This pattern is mega easy, and can be adjusted to make larger toys for babies too -just maybe exclude the catnip. 😉 Continue reading Crochet Octopus Toy Pattern for Kitty!

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8 Pet Projects

8 Pet Projects on Katie Crafts;

Since it’s National Pet Week, I went through all the tutorials I have bookmarked so I could share with you a bunch of fun and easy DIY pet projects! Some of these projects are ones I’ve completed already, some are ones I have on my “to-make” list. All are awesome! Pull up a chair, grab your supplies, and get started on a craft project designed just for your favorite furry friend! Continue reading 8 Pet Projects

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National Pet Week!

National Pet Week on Katie Crafts;

Guess what! This week is National Pet Week! How purrrfect! From May 4th through May 10th, we should all spend a little extra time loving our fur babies, who spend the entirety of their lives loving us! This Saturday, May 9th, my post will be devoted to all of the pets who make our lives better. I’ll feature photos and little profiles for each of my pets- and yours too! If you want your furry (or scaly, or feathered!) friend to be a featured pet on Katie Crafts, learn more below! Continue reading National Pet Week!