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Wordless Wednesday: Rose Painting

Wordless Wednesday: Rose Painting on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Rose Painting

A week ago today was my mom’s birthday. She would have turned 62. To celebrate her birthday, I wanted to do something that she would have loved, so Husband and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the afternoon. I get my craftiness and love of art from my mom, who was a talented painter. Her roses (above) are just one of the beautiful works she made.

My mom was the reason I fell in love with painting and drawing, which I ended up going to college for. I remember her painting the roses above. It was the first time I painted anything on canvas. She sat at her art desk in our dining room working on the roses, and she set up a little easel for me at the dining room table and showed me how to mix the paints and what brushes to use. My flowers didn’t turn out like hers (obviously, I was only 11), but I loved the feeling of pushing the paint around on the canvas to create something. It was a feeling that never went away.

I never learned to work with oil paints as well as she did, but I owe all of my arts & crafts knowledge and skill to her. I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in a long time, but I think maybe it is time to start again. I think she’d approve.

What is a hobby or craft you’ve given up but wish to get back in to?