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Easter Recipe: Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

Easter Recipe: Bird's Nest Cupcakes by Katie Crafts;

Easter Recipe: Bird’s Nest Cupcakes (+ cream cheese frosting recipe!)

I really enjoyed sharing the idea last week for chocolate dipped Peeps, and wanted to keep the Easter recipes rolling! This is one I’ve been making for years and is a favorite of kids and adults alike! The cake recipe itself doesn’t matter (I do my aunt’s top secret carrot cake recipe, but you can do whatever you like!) but the cream cheese frosting and toppings are what make these little nests special! Continue reading Easter Recipe: Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

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Sunday Funday: Issue 7

Sunday Funday: Issue 7 on Katie Crafts;

This past week was so busy, it was really just a blur. I was looking forward to this weekend for lots of relaxing and hopefully some walking in the sunshine. But of course, rain, rain, rain! I wish this entire weekend wasn’t so crummy! I’m going to use this downtime to craft, read and cook- so I guess it’s not that bad! You should do the same after you read my Sunday Funday: Issue 7!

Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 7

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Chocolate Covered Easter Peeps

Chocolate Covered Easter Peeps on Katie Crafts;

Recipe: Chocolate Covered Easter Peeps!

It’s getting close enough to Easter now that I can start sharing some fun Easter crafts and recipes! Next week I’ll post my super adorable “bird’s nest cupcakes,” but for today we’re going simple with melted chocolate and everyone’s favorite sugary marshmallow treats! Continue reading Chocolate Covered Easter Peeps