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Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern

Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern on Katie Crafts;

Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern

One of my favorite things to buy when I head to the bookstore with Husband is crafting and crochet magazines. A few months ago I bought “Love of Crochet” magazine’s Fall issue and in it was a Vintage Hat pattern that I have used a ton of times already. I’m not kidding- I’ve made 7 of these hats already! They are SUPER easy and work up very quickly, so I can knock one out in under two hours, making them fantastic Christmas gifts. Continue reading Vintage Hat Crochet Pattern

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How To Turn Your T-Shirt In To A Pillow

How To Turn Your T-Shirt In To A Pillow Tutorial on Katie Crafts;

Project: How To Turn Your T-Shirt In To A Pillow

The other day, I caught the Husband trying to throw out an old t-shirt of his. It got a small bleach stain on it which is pretty much the end of an article of clothing. Still, I rescued it from garbage can heaven and gave it two new reasons to live! Half the shirt I used to make t-shirt yarn, while the other half was used to make a pillow! My sister also loves the same silly anime things that Husband does (sorry, I just don’t see the appeal!), so I knew she’d love this pillow for her bed. It was very easy and I’m thinking of making a few pillows for my bed now too, using shrunken Woot tees and old band shirts! Continue reading How To Turn Your T-Shirt In To A Pillow

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Review of Jade Journey

Review of Jade Journey on Katie Crafts;

Review of Jade Journey on Etsy

A couple of weeks ago, I revealed my total obsession with all things anchors! In my “Anchors Away” Etsy treasury, I included this really adorable Key Fob by a shop named Jade Journey. As a ‘thank you’ for including her, the shop owner, Dawn, sent me my very own personalized fob! Continue reading Review of Jade Journey

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Freebie Friday: Shabby Chic Recipe Cards

Freebie Friday: Shabby Chic Recipe Cards

Oh my gosh! TWO GIVEAWAYS IN ONE WEEK! What luck! Yesterday I showed you the cute little stress relief basket that I made for the bridal shower last weekend. I also told you I’d be including more of the things I made for the shower over the next week. Today, I’m featuring the recipe cards that I made, with a chance for you and your BFF to win a set each! Continue reading Freebie Friday: Shabby Chic Recipe Cards

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DIY Sharpie Mug

Project: DIY Sharpie Mug

Need a last minute gift for a co-worker before tomorrow? Grab an unused plain coffee cup and a few Sharpie markers and make your friend a personalized mug for their desk! Bonus: Since it’s homemade just for them, they’ll feel extra special and not at all think that you scraped it together last minute. Continue reading DIY Sharpie Mug