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My Etsy Picks: Gettin’ Lucky

My Etsy Picks: Gettin' Lucky by Katie Crafts;

My Etsy Picks: Gettin’ Lucky

Fun Fact: While a week from today is Saint Patrick’s Day, a week from yesterday is my kitty’s birthday! Lucky turns the big 1-0 on Monday, March 16th! He was born mid-March and is a natural red-head, so he’s obviously Irish. But that is just part of why his name is Lucky! He was actually named something else entirely (Sandy) when I adopted him, and I promptly renamed him something else (Murphy), but that just didn’t seem right. After a month of having him, I picked him up out of my dresser (he liked to sleep in the drawers) and he kept playing with the four-leaf clover necklace I had around my neck. He was obsessed! I called him my Lucky bear and it stuck. He was fated to have the name! Continue reading My Etsy Picks: Gettin’ Lucky

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Nail Art: Classy Clovers

Nail Art: Classy Clovers by Katie Crafts;

Project: Classy Clovers Nail Art Tutorial

Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year. That means all your parades, bar hopping and ridiculous “KISS ME, I’M IRISH!” outfits must be reserved for the weekend. Still, if you’d like to show a smidge of Irish Pride at your workplace come Monday, I have a lovely, simple and classy nail art design to help you celebrate! Continue reading Nail Art: Classy Clovers