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Sunday Funday: Issue 3

Brrrrr!! It’s ridiculously cold out there this weekend, with another snowstorm on the way! I plan on staying bundled up at home all day today, and I hope you get to do the same. While you’re under the covers, enjoy my Sunday Funday: Issue 3! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 3

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Nail Art: Jury Duty Nails

Project: Jury Duty Nail Art Design

Tomorrow morning, I have Jury Duty. Actually, by the time you read this I’ll have already been sitting in a stuffy room somewhere for 3 hours waiting for my name to be called (and inevitably mispronounced quite terribly). My navy nails were all chipped and awful looking, and while I don’t have an extravagantly elegant outfit planned to wear to my civic duty (read: sweater dress, tights, comfy boots), I thought I should at minimum remove the old polish from my nails and start fresh. Continue reading Nail Art: Jury Duty Nails

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Nail Art: Simple Hearts

Project: Simple Hearts Nail Art Design

There are an abundance of nail art designs depicting Valentine’s Day, love, romance and more. I decided to keep it simple this week with just a single little heart on each nail. These nails were very easy and quick to do if you want something to celebrate the holiday but don’t have a lot of time to devote to a fancy design! Continue reading Nail Art: Simple Hearts

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Nail Art: Valentine’s Glitter Design


Project: Valentine’s Glitter Nail Art Design

While looking for ideas for my Valentine’s Day nail art for next week, I stumbled upon the design I did for my nails last V-Day. You can tell it’s from 2013 since I have no wedding band on my ring finger yet! The design is easy and the glitter polish gives it a little more sparkle! Continue reading Nail Art: Valentine’s Glitter Design