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Friday Inspiration: Gerhard Richter

Friday Inspiration: Gerhard Ritcher on Katie Crafts;

 “Art is the highest form of hope.” ~Gerhard Richter

[source: Text for catalogue of documenta 7, Kassel, 1982]

My favoritest artist of all time is Gerhard Richter. When I started my college education, I knew I wanted to paint and draw but I was more drawn to landscapes, people and animals- anything realistic- and knew nothing of abstract, non-linear or contemporary artists. I could appreciate the few I knew about, but certainly wasn’t passionate about them. That is, until, Gerhard Richter. Continue reading Friday Inspiration: Gerhard Richter

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Throwback Thursday: First Sewing Project!

Throwback Thursday: My First Sewing Project! by Katie Crafts;

When I was young, my Grams (who only knows a few hand stitches and that’s it for her crafty side) taught me the sewing basics. Excited to make something for her using my new skills, I cut up some socks and clothes and hand stitched these two little RIDICULOUS things. One is a bunny, obviously. One is some kind of girl? Probably supposed to be me. I don’t know. I was 12. Continue reading Throwback Thursday: First Sewing Project!

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Liebster Award!

Liebster Award! on Katie Crafts;

Hip hip hooray! Katie Crafts has been nominated for a Liebster Award! “What the heck is that?” you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. First, let’s define Liebster: it’s German origins tag it as meaning “beloved, sweetheart, darling.” That being said, it’s an award that is given to bloggers by bloggers, to recognize us little guys who are just starting out and/or haven’t made it big yet- those of us who are just darling and deserve for others to know that! My nomination came from the lovely Alison (thank you!) over at Texas Farmer’s Daughter. I’m in love with her blog (and her Etsy shop!) so be sure to check both of them out! Continue reading Liebster Award!

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Sunday Funday: Issue 4

Sunday Funday: Issue 4 on Katie Crafts;

Happy Daylight Savings Day! All right, it’s probably not too happy. It is your Sunday, after all. The last glimmer of your weekend, and you just had to give up an hour of it to the Daylight Savings Gods. Pity. Try to enjoy the rest of it with a cup of coffee and my Sunday Funday: Issue 4! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 4

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2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

Philadelphia Flower Show! on Katie Crafts;

We spent the entire day yesterday {read: 6+ hours} at the Philadelphia Flower Show (and yes, I *did* in fact paint my nails to look like little butterfly wings for the occasion!). It was a wonderful date, as usual, and we took tons and tons of photos. Here’s just a glimpse of what we saw! Continue reading 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show Recap!

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Celebrating Old Stuff Day: My Vintage Finds!

Yesterday, March 2nd, was National Old Stuff Day! Yes, it really exists. It’s a day to appreciate all things antique and vintage! I have a few old pieces in my home that belonged to my Grams, Mom-Moms, Aunt Jo and the Husband that I’m excited to share with you! Continue reading Celebrating Old Stuff Day: My Vintage Finds!