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Shamrock Shake Recipe

Shamrock Shake Recipe by Katie Crafts;


Recipe: Shamrock Shake!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I spent hours slaving away in the kitchen to come up with a very special treat just for you! Okay, fine. I spent about 5 minutes in the kitchen, but that’s all you’ll need to make my version of the infamous McDonald’s Shamrock Shake! Continue reading Shamrock Shake Recipe

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Raspberry Kahlua Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe: Raspberry Kahlua Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes

Some of you may not know this about me, but I used to be a little obsessed with cupcakes. I made them all the time. Like, ALL the time. Especially when I first moved to Philly (which happens to be six years ago today!) Over the years I’ve come up with some really awesome recipes, and this is just one of the many that I’m going to share! Continue reading Raspberry Kahlua Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes

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Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Oreos

In addition to the Pixel Heart Pillow that I made for the Husband for Valentine’s Day, I also got creative in the kitchen- with a box of Oreos and a whole lot of melted chocolate. They aren’t the most gorgeous dessert, but they taste like happiness!

Continue reading Chocolate Dipped Oreos

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Slow-Cooker Beer and Cheese Chowder

Recipe: Slow-Cooker Beer and Cheese Chowder (with Potatoes and Ham)

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cooking Time: 6-8 hours (on low)

The Husband and I are big soup/stew/chowder lovers. If we could eat soup (with some really good crusty bread) for every meal we absolutely would- especially when it’s this cold outside. Besides, who doesn’t love an easy ‘set it and forget it’ crock pot meal? That being said, I have dozens of recipes bookmarked for later use when we’re ready to try a new soup out. Continue reading Slow-Cooker Beer and Cheese Chowder