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Wordless Wednesday: Peony

Wordless Wednesday: Peony on Katie Crafts;

Wordless Wednesday: Peony

Yesterday I showed you a ton of photos from the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden from here in Philly. I even included a few beautiful shots of “tree peonies,” but I saved this one for today’s Wordless Wednesday because it’s my favorite! Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: Peony

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Spruce Street Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park on Katie Crafts;

Spruce Street Harbor Park

I love living in the city. There is just about everything you could possibly want all within walking distance. Still, there are certain things I miss about living in Jersey and having a car. Especially in the summer. Especially when it involved a random boardwalk trip. Luckily, Philly came up with a wonderful summertime idea: a pop up boardwalk/harbor/awesome place to hang out, drink beer and have funnel cake! Continue reading Spruce Street Harbor Park

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Sunday Funday: Issue 12

Sunday Funday: Issue 12 on Katie Crafts;

What a lovely weekend! The first we didn’t spend traveling all over the place (though it was still quite busy!) Once May hits in Philly, it’s officially festival season. Usually the festivals are spread out across the summer, but yesterday there happened to be at least 5 on the same day at the same time! I only hit up two of them (then was sunburned and needed to go home and nap) but it was great just the same! While I hustle to get Monday’s post ready to roll, you can read about the festivals I attended in Sunday Funday: Issue 12! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 12

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Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home

Last Saturday, we visited the place we wed and had a fun scavenger hunt finding designer birdhouses on the grounds! Check out the photos from Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home!

Last Saturday, the Husband and I went to the Morris Arboretum here in Philadelphia to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! It’s where we got married back in October, so we thought it would be a perfect place to go. It was also a completely gorgeous day, so it was definitely a great choice! When we got there, they happened to be celebrating Arbor Day with a “Home Tweet Home” Exhibit of designer birdhouses amongst the grounds! We grabbed a map and spent the next few hours on a birdhouse scavenger hunt! Continue reading Morris Arboretum: Home Tweet Home

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Sunday Funday: Issue 11

Sunday Funday: Issue 11 on Katie Crafts;

My hope is that while this post is being published, I’m still in bed catching up on sleep! Big dreams. I’m also hoping that today I can get a lot done with my craft projects for the week, and finally (hopefully) get up photos from my honeymoon six months ago that I have been dragging my feet on uploading. I’ll have to do a post with pics from it, because it was a gorgeous trip [to Italy]! Continue reading Sunday Funday: Issue 11